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Here below are just some of the many letters that I receive...
Read my fans' hot letters
here below
If you want to read Letters to Stasha in French, German and more- click here to translate!

hi Stasha ...
Hi Stasha,
I don’t know if you remember me, but I’m the fan who wrote the words about self-sucking now up on your site. I think that’s just WILD!!! :=) I was well shocked. Couldn’t believe it – seeing my e-mail up there!
I’m published!!!! :=)
Glad to see you’re back in business – you closed down your site for a while, how come? Your subject matter is highly individual and not covered by the rest of the TS web as far as I’ve found anyway.
Good to see you and Daw working together again – you 2 are such a hot item together, I bet you make wonderful music together!!! I’d love to join you and please you with my hard-working mouth :=)
XXX Roger

dear Stasha ...
stashas:neena has such a pretty hooded cock & you have a very nice BIG cock, I would like to suck both of you...
I realy like your web site ,crocthless panty's hose or no panty's,,,all......J....
Stasha ...
Stasha -
I have past the night at my keyboard looking at one gorgeous and sensational photograph of you after another.
I am taken by your subtle control and rock hard pacifier. My only hope would be to swallow it all.
You need to get mail in payments for those of us who sneak. I love you - M...
hello Stasha ...
..I think your site is awesome, and you and your friends are
incredible. I've always liked pantyhose, and you look so sexy in them. I would do almost
anything to meet you, but I live in the US..San Francisco area. Do you
ever tour/visit here? If so, how would I find you, so that I could meet you?
Also, do you sell your videos. I didn't see anywhere on your site
if you do. If you don't, would you consider it? Your friends Neena and Daw are
also very hot. Please let me know...Thanks so much Stasha!...Sincerely, .......
thanks, Stasha ...
...Thanks for your response..I appreciate you taking the time to write
to me...Do you think you'll ever visit San Francisco? Hope so, so we CAN
meet and have plenty of FUN!....Please keep me informed about your videos. I love that you're into fetish also, among others! Obviously!!!LOL....I hope
you'll make available more than 1 video for me to purchase...I like all your
photos, with your ladyfriends....Do Neena and/or Daw have videos available
also?....I hope there are solo videos of you, of course in pantyhose. Yummmm!!!
Well...Thanks again Stasha..Hope you'll keep in touch(LOL) with
me!.........Look forward to hearing from you again!...D
Dear Stasha ...
Saw your pictures on HOT sight. You were the best. If you have any more
pictures I would appreciate seeing them. Great photos.
Sandy Tee
Hi hottie ...
I know i sound like just another guy, and im sure you get this alot, but i think you are the most beautiful thing i have ever seen. from the ends of your delicious toes, to your tantalizing, sexy lips, i just cant get enough of your pics. i love your site, its on my favorites and i visit it all the time. i know this must seem annoying, and i promise ill never mail you again,that is ,of course, unless you mail me back. and feel free to, any amount of contact i can have with you, i will treasure.
Sincerely, Kamyren
Darling Stasha ...
I am truely flabergasted to realize that you are so open and honest about your sexuality that you would entertain meeting your fans, even if not for sex, but you do keep open the option of free acceptance of pleasure, if mutually agreed. Stasha,You are ultra sensual. You are the Succubus.You cannot be resisted. You exist to be serviced, pleasured and adored. You have mastered the art of seduction and cannot be refused by anyone, man or woman, young or old, we all crave your wanton mouth and predatory cock.
May I write you a story. I would love you to post it on your site, but you inspire me to such depths of depravity that you may want it for personal appreciation only. It involves you and how you pleasure women of all genders. Please say yes and thanks again for the invitation. W Cy.
Hi Stasha ...
Hi Stasha, i just had a look at some of your pics. wow. i feel
something inside. i am an american guy working in holland for the past year. i
will be coming to sweden on the 16th of march and would love to make
slow deep love to you. i would like to feel your firm body and caress
your clit. i have a pic if you are interested. by the way i think you have
the nicest legs i have ever seen.
Dear Stasha ...

I happened to see your website. It was beautiful. Send me more of your Hot
photos. Its fantastic watching you. Just feel like kissing you
HJ Pinto.

Dear Stasha ...

Hi i'm Janet and ijust found your site and you are so fucking hot and sexy i would love to be with you for an hour, a day, a week and suck and fuck each other just like your hot pics. i am writing this with one hand because my other hand is sliding up and down my hot hard pussy stick wishing it was you. i would love to feel your pantyhose on mine as you slide your beautiful cock inside my mouth and ass and cum on my lips and face. then i would love to feel my cock in you so i can cum all over you and lick you clean. i am swallowing my cum right now fantasizing it was yours. here are some pics... hope you like them........licks and kisses

I love your site...
Hello Stasha,
I visited your site and want to tell you how much I love the pictures there. It is wonderful to see you in
action with your friends and the solo pictures which are amazing to look at.

I think you and your new friend Neena make a great couple and I really look forward to seeing more
pictures of you both together in the future.

I must admit when I saw the latest pictures I wanted to join you and Neena in some fun and games that would
make us all happy.

The self suck pictures are wonderful but I must say that if I was there, you would never have to perform
that task as I would always be happy to do that for you. Maybe I could take turns of sucking you then
Neena as you both took turns of making love to each other.

I will now visit your site very often as I am sold on your special pictures and what a beautiful person you are.
Love and Kisses Tom

you've got a great site.....
Baby, you've got a great site! I've enjoyed all of
your photos and many of your videos-your talent is
awesome! I'd love to get you in my bed, or yours, or
Love ya, Larry
dear stasha .....
....i got in a different way, I went to 100 femsites and clicked on your pic!!.
you are in my top 3 for hottest sites that I love , I am a semi
closeted TV, I am bi, but have not had a sissyclit or dick to suck in ages only my
dildo!!i need a hot sissy clit to suck!! I love your site ,natsha cox, (love
her cum shots!!) and leda may. I also watch a lot of TV /Ts videos I love Lonny Brown and Karen Dior.
As I write this I am in my laced up waist cincher with 4 garters on
each leg, my 5 inch patent spiked pumps , my full fashioned seamed stockings and
my crotchless panties , so it makes it easy for me to stroke my pussy
stick!! If I learn how to use my scanner , I can send you pics. I would love to
suck you dry. If you are ever in NY let me know , love Barbie

Hi Stasha,.....
you look wunderful, your outfit is great and you are so sexy.
I love your pix, I love you.
I send you many greetings from germany just to say to you
that you are a great lady.
I'm Cxxxxy, a great admirer of sexy tgirls like you but I haven't
seen a better looking girl like you at the www.
Wish to be with you. Many greetings
Dear Slut .....

The minute I saw your photo's & slut face, my cock
became rock hard & I shot my jizz all over the place.
Man I wish I could unload my spunkwad into your face &
hair. You must really love the smell & taste of cum.
You'd look real good with a faceful of pecker juice.
Got any photo's like that?
How about telling me what you like in a guy. How you
like to be fucked, face fucked, tied up & fucked, gang
fucked. You are the sluttiest Transvestite whorecunt
I've ever seen. I'd love to get my cock in your face
& asshole. The smell of your cheap perfume would
drive me wild. Please send me some more photo's to
jack off to..........

Hej Stasha,.......
are you back from your travels yet? I saw a woman walking down the street today in Copenhagen as I was drivign to work, and she had the same strappy shoes on that you wear in some of your pics , so naturally I thought of you as you bent over and sucked yourself off - yes those were the shoes!
Just a little difficult to drive after that.......
Anyway, in case you don't remember me, I am the English-Indian guy who sent pics to you earlier this summer, and you invited me to write back - so I have a couple of times but without reply. Still dreaming of you, anyway, and thinking of all the ways I could try to seduce you....Maybe a few more pics? (but you said your mailbox would be full, so I have refrained from sending more.
Too much work at the moment, so naturally trying to find space in my agenda for a nice weekend in Stockholm. Nice big hotel suite, just waiting for that special visitor...champagne on ice of course. best regards,

Hi ..........
i think that u are one of the sexiest people alive. thank u for letting
me see your beautiful pictures.
thank you

Hi Stasha, ........
I saw your photos and I want to tell you that I think you are beautiful. I love red hair. I am a tran too and even though I have never been to Sweden you do make it tempting! Hope to hear from you and maybe chat...Hugs, Lxxxi
morning stasha............(letter from October 2001)
thank you for site it is beautiful girl very good picture i am french country orleans sud paris 120 km stasha good by kiss ---chxxxian
I have sent you an email about a month ago. I have never had a thing for any one else other than a women. However, I have just got to meet you. You are sooo sexy. I know you are very busy but maybe I can cum visit you. You're hot pics are just too much. Can we please meet? Where do you live ( what part of the country)? I would love to experiment with your body. I would start by licking those sexy legs of yours. Geesh! I'm sending a picture of me...
Please lets meet! R
Hello Stasha ...
just wanted to say i loved your site
what a lovely body you have.........fantastic legs and ass
love to see your clit and pussy
hope you dont mind but i cum while looking at you
thanx trev .........xx

Hi Stasha ...
Hi Stasha.
Thanks for the come back.
Yes I have Zip installed, What happens is still the same, it refers back to the Log in page, but once I delete that new page on Netscape, and tries again, it works.
I tried it on a few downloads, same thing, but each time, the second try was successfull.
Oh well, maybe a Bug with Netscape version 6, who knows.
Lovely Clips by the way, and Humm, what a Georgeous Clitty you have, Humm, to wrap my lips around that beauty and worship it till it feeds me your Sweet Shemale Cream, A Dream.
Too bad I am so far away in Hong Kong, I would come on over to Sweeden that Lovely Country of yours to Visit and see you , or maybe you travel the World???
If so, you have a Bed in HK when you want
Kiss Kiss all over ,,,,D...........
Hi Stasha ...
Hi Stasha,
I entered your site from geocities and was absolutely
satisfied about it.
I want you to ask where are you from because some
rooms looks very european also the names of the pics
sounds a bit like german.
Well, I am an germen transgender and i am sure i will
dream about you this night.
Kisses L.......
Stasha ...
Stasha, hey lady just letting you know how much i enjoyed your site and
your super hot pics my cock has never been sooo hard. I dream what it
would be like to have you in front of me, I would slick your heels off
and kiss&suck your tasty nyloned toes&feet, then kissing my way up your
nyloned thighs to that ever so yummy pussy ass licking&sucking around
the edge,watching as your lips puff up for my tongue, inserting it deep
inside probing&tasting your sweetness, then just before you cum grab that huge
cock and swallow all your sweet nector. then I would offer you my really
wet by now ass for you to pump full of your cum filling it up full, then
last be not least I`d slip my cock in your hole deep fucking you as
your cum squishs out my ass and down my nyloned thighs. wow I said you make
me hot! hey stasha I would just die if I could get a pair of your sweet
smelling, sweet tasting, cummed up panties to smell&taste as I jack my
cock to your pics. please let me know if this is possiable. OK?B.J. p.s. i
like to dress too, no big deal though.

I would sell...
I would sell my soul to rub myself up and down your sheer nylon
covered legs.
wow i didn't know that i could be so turned on. God how i want to milk
your cum and watch it run down your inner thigh across your
tights/stockings, then massage the warm liquid into the nylon with my tounge.
I think i would submit to any thing you desire
just to experience this highly erotic and very
horny fetish once..........
excellent site.xxxxxxxxxxxxx
From a straight guy...
i'm a straigt guy but when i saw you it made my dick
grow rockhard and wanted to make u as hard as mine was
you look better than alot of women i know
and i wish i could meet u someday
lots of kisses where ever u want them .....X.
Stasha, I'm just writing you in the hopes that, perhaps I could be oh so
lucky to get you as a special present. I absolutely love your site...I
couldn't even begin to count the number of times I've jacked-off while
looking at your HOT sucking and fucking action...yummmmm...I am a 60day
member, joining on the 14th of May, 2001. My password is xxxxxxxxx, and
my name is xxxxxx. I'm going to try to send along a pic. I've been having a
lot of trouble with AOL, so, we'll see what happens. huggs...B.
Dear Stasha, ,,,,
you've caught another man. Since yesterday, when I visited your site for the first time. I'm dreaming of you (actually, of having you with me in bed, making love to you, penetrating your awesome ass very deep and fucking you in all the positions I can imagine). I love TS/TVs (I guess that's pretty clear), and you're the exact blend of male and female that I like. I'm a 100% active male and I'd love to hear that you really enjoy being pasive (although it is quite clear that you also like to be active), as pasive as I'm imagining you now (spread naked on the bed, face down, asking me to fuck you, begging for my cock in your lovehole). I could write and write lewd things about you and me. Just a couple of hours ago I spent some time with one of my TS "friends" and you know what, I fucked her imagining it was you. I was unbelievably hard and she had to ask me to finish me with her mouth because she was feeling sore of being fucked so thoroughly (she never knew the reason). Lovely doll, I'd really like to receive a reply from you. Love and kisses. You're awesome!! E....
You make me come over&over...;
You make me come over&over; Stasha: Your so amazing. I love your pictures when your sucking your own cock. I have fasanated for years on sucking my cock. I have tryed before and cant. how do you do it. Is there special exercises that you do? what you do is so cool. I know that it would be so wonderfull to cum in my own mouth. Have you cum in your mouth while sucking your cock? How did it feel. What is so fantastic is the control you have over your cock when i see you sucking it. Do you suck your cock often? if i could suck mine, I would do it several times a day. When will you do more pictures sucking your cock. can you help me to learn how to suck my cock? I love you your incredable .......
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