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!!! We are recording, checking and reporting all abuse and copyright intrusion !!!
--Browser Specifications for Signing Up
--Display Settings
--Turning off Internet Explorer Resizing
--Preventing Netscape 7.1 from resizing images larger than the screen (on PCs)
--Disabling AOL Photo Compression
--Do Not Use Proxy Servers!
--Hackers, Beware!
--Disabling Anonymizing Softwares
--Resolving Internet Explorer Automatic Password Feature Problems
--Turning Off AddSubtract
--Zonealarm Users
--Resolving Password Problems
--No Spidering!
--Changing Log-In
--To cancel membership, retrieve forgotten password, or check status
--Subscriptions and Billing
  Browser Specifications for Signing Up
You need a browser with 128 bit encryption in order to signup. CCBill will not accept any older browser with a lower encryption. If you attempt it, you'll get errors or "page not found" when you try to signup. We suggest you upgrade your browser to the latest version.
This will also ensure the security of your transactions.

Display Settings

Important! - set your display to either 24 or 32 bits. At 16 bits or lower the photos will look really bad! To change the display settings, go to the control panel, choose display, click on settings and set the video card to 24 or 32 bits.

Turning off Internet Explorer Resizing
Default Internet explorer users - there is a new feature implemented in IE. It is an option that will resize the photos to fit your screen. Our high resolution photos are sometimes in excess of 1200 pixels on the largest side. When IE resizes them, the result is often an ugly photo, all fuzzy and pixilated. To disable this function, go to internet options, advanced toolbar, multimedia, and then uncheck the option "automatic image resizing."
Preventing Netscape 7.1 from resizing images larger than the screen (on PCs):
1. Click on Edit in the Toolbar;
2. Click on Preferences in the Edit drop-down menu;
3. Select Appearance, go to the bottom of the Appearance dialog box and uncheck the 'Resize large images to fit in the browser window' checkbox.

Disabling AOL Photo Compression
AOL users: to disable the photo compression feature, please go to settings within your AOL browser, choose preferences, internet properties (www), click the web graphic tab on top of the window and choose 'never compress graphics'. That will solve the problem.

Do Not Use Proxy Servers!
If possible, avoid using proxy servers to surf, as they bring up outdated content (up to weeks-old pages!) And many times they create problems with usernames and passwords. To disable them click on internet options (control panel), connections, lan settings and there disable any checked feature. After doing so always restart the computer. If you're using Netscape you might also have to check Netscape's options to disable the proxies. The newest Netscape also has the automated password option - always disable it. We recently upgraded the member's server so these changes could have affected your surfing if such features are enabled.

Hackers, Beware!
If you tried to hack the site by entering random usernames and passwords, your IP might be logged as abusive. In that case try back in a while or disconnect and reconnect so that your IP changes...and next time do not try to hack the site! Why not join instead and have a smoother experience?

Disabling Anonymizing Softwares
Disable anonymizing softwares or do not come from anonymizing urls. Disable programs such as: Norton Internet Security or Atguard Privacy Software or Safeweb. They might be considered hostile by the server's security which is now very tight due to the massive hacker attacks that the site receives daily.

Resolving Internet Explorer Automatic Password Feature Problems
There's a major issue with Internet Explorer and its automated password feature that may prevent you from entering the member's area. This mostly happens when you tried to enter the site with random usernames and passwords before signing up or when you've been on the site previously but with another username and password. The same problem might also show up with the latest Netscape Navigator (ver. 6 and up). To ensure you get rid of the problem either switch to Netscape Navigator 4.7 (best choice), disable the automated password option (which is the cause of many problems) or if you're using Internet Explorer 5.5 or later, which has a nasty new feature that logs you anonymously instead of prompting you for a username and password, follow this procedure to solve the problem: Go into the control panel in Win95 / Win98, select internet options, select the security tab, select Internet, select custom level, and at the bottom of the option's list there's a choice between various types of logons - select: prompt for username and password.
Better yet, switch to Netscape Navigator 4.7.

Turning Off AddSubtract
We have reports of members having trouble viewing the pages when using a Program called AddSubtract. It is supposed to kill popup windows and Java Scripts, but it also kills regular, harmless html pages. We don't have pop ups or hidden scripts, so we suggest you to turn it off while you surf Nylonfetishes.com, Nylon Fetishes or TGirl Fetishes.

Zonealarm Users
Update for Zonealarm users: the new version of Zonealarm is also bundled With AddSubtract, so please follow these additional directions in order to make it work with the website: Turn the cookie control and pop-up blocker controls to 'off' (under privacy settings).

Resolving Password Problems
Before you report a non-working password, please be sure that you entered it correctly. The system is case sensitive, so you have to enter your username and password as you entered them upon subscription. Please check your receipt to ensure you're entering them correctly.

No Spidering!
The site is well protected against hackers and password trading. Your account is personal and sharing it will cause the system to block it in a matter of minutes. Spidering (automatic download programs) is forbidden as it negatively affects regular member's ability to surf faster. We have implemented features that will lock out your ip(s) and login. If you spider the site you will be disabled.

Changing Log-In
If you use a common login such as aaaaaa/bbbbbb or a login you've been using for a long time on many sites, there's a good chance that the login will be disabled due to hacker attacks. If you want us to change your login and prevent this from happening, please send all information to us (old login and new login).

To cancel membership, retrieve forgotten password, or check status
To cancel membership, retrieve a forgotten password or check your status, click here: for CCBill. These options are valid for both credit card memberships and checking account membership with CCBill.

Subscriptions and Billing
If you sign up using CCBill any charges will discreetly appear as
CCBill on your credit card statement.
We offer different payment options to fulfill your deepest desires:
$19.95 for 1 month non recurring
$19.95 for 1 month then $18.95 recurring every 30 days 12 times
$34.95 for 2 months non recurring
$47.95 for 3 months non recurring.
You can use credit card, check or phone billing and
For Germany, Austria and Netherlands
Sign Up

(Kunden aus Deutschland, Öesterreich und Netherlands können in EU Debit zahlen.)

You may cancel at any time but your memebership stays active for
the entire duration of the initial membership (paid for) peiod.

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